Leading the nanotechnology revolution in advanced materials

Nanomaterial Processing

Bulk Nano's proprietary manufacturing processes allow the creation of custom, flexible and multi-functional thin films, sheets, and paper products that are ready to be introduced to any existing product manufacturing process or for the creation of entirely new and robust products.

Bulk Nano bridges the gap between the supply of bulk raw nanomaterials and product manufacturers who seek to benefit from the multi-functional properties of nanomaterials, and open the gateway to massive performance improvements in consumer and industrial products. Bulk Nano eliminates the need for a manufacturer's in-house processing of raw nanomaterials and instead collaborate with you to create nanomaterial sheet products that can be introduced into a product pipeline at once.

Multifunctional Composites

Bulk Nano specializes in the manufacturing of multifunctional composite products, bringing the capabilities of advanced raw materials into a custom made solution for your business.

We thoughtfully engineer composite products that take advantage of the available properties of advanced materials such as lightweighting, EMI protection, thermal resistance, and more. Our core competency lies in engineering solutions around specific problems challenging your business.

Bulk Nano Processing was founded on the principle of leveraging nanotechnology to enable the next generation of products using high performing advanced materials. Using novel patent-pending manufacturing processes, Bulk Nano Processing is positioning itself to be the industry leader in the design and mass manufacture of multi-functional nanomaterial thin film, paper, and sheet products.

Bulk Nano Composites was born from engineering composite solutions to problems the market had been unable to solve effectively. We bring extensive composite manufacturing expertise to the consumer, industrial, and military industries to deliver efficient high performance products.